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Start Writing Today

The only time inspiration comes into play is when you decide you want to be a writer.  From then on you must continuously bring yourself to the keyboard – to write.

Too many writers fail in their pursuit because they believe (incorrectly) that writing must come as a result of inspiration.  But that’s not how writing happens!

True and successful writers are made.  To borrow the cliché you need 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!  All successful writers know that the words don’t just magically appear.   You need to get to the keyboard and start plugging away.

The formula for writing is very simple:

  1.  Set a routine to write.
  2. Keep the routine.
  3. Use some sessions as a means of “rapid writing” and other sessions purely for editing.  It’s important not to mix the two up as they work via different neural pathways.
  4. Repeat